Why do I always have to log in when using the Sifely App?


I need to log in every time I use the app. Why do I need to log in to use the app?



There are 2 reasons why this may be happening. 


Reason 1

For security purposes, one account can only be logged on one device at a time. To share app access with other accounts and to control the locks through multiple devices, take a look at these 2 articles. 

How to share app access of a lock?

How to share admin access of my lock?

Reason 2

Screen lock is turned on.

When screen lock is turned on, you will need to provide a passcode, face ID, or fingerprint depending on the smartphone you have in order to access the app. Here is how you can disable it.


1. Go to Settings

sifely app setting

2. Select Screen Lock from the menu. Tap on "Turn off".

sifely app screen lock