Why can't I add my fob to my Dermum Latch Lock?


Are you facing either of these scenarios?
I am having issues with adding my fob to my lock. The app tells me to press and hold a button, but I cannot see this button on the fob. 


 am trying to register my fob, but my lock is not accepting it. 



Follow these instructions on how to add a fob to your Dermum Latch Lock. 

To add a fob or card to your lock, go to the lock page and tap on "Cards". Then tap on "add card". The app will now connect to the lock.  Once the lock says "Please swipe your card", place the fob against 5 on the keypad.   

If you hear "input successful", the fob has been successfully added and you can place it against the 5 to unlock your lock.