What is Passage Mode?


How do I keep the lock unlocked? How do I disable auto-lock? How to keep lock in unlock state or position? 
I want to keep the lock open during business hours. 


Passage mode disables the auto-lock feature for set schedule. For example, if you run a business and want the lock to stay open during business hours, you can schedule the lock to not auto-lock from 8 am to 5 pm on Monday through Friday. 


To adjust passage mode, you will need to be near the lock. If the lock is connected to a Sifely Gateway, the passage mode can be adjusted remotely on our webportal. How to log into the Sifely Webportal


Note: Passage mode will not unlock the lock at the beginning of the set schedule. If passage mode starts at 8 am, it will stay unlocked if it is unlocked after 8 am unless it is locked manually later or until the end of passage mode.  

How to enable Passage mode:

1. Tap on the lock settings.

Sifely Smart App Lock Settings

2. Tap on Passage Mode.

Tap on Passage Mode

3. Turn on Passage and set up the desired schedule. 

Turn on Passage and set up the desired schedule

What to know about Passage Mode:

  • Passage mode does not unlock at the beginning of the schedule. However, it will lock automatically at the end of Passage mode. 
  • During passage mode, the lock can still be locked by pressing and holding the # or lock symbol on the lock keypad or via the app. If it is unlocked again, it will stay unlocked until the end of the schedule.