Using Cards/ Fobs for Dermum E Smart Lock


How do you use the included fobs with the Sifely E Smart Lock? How are fobs programmed? 


Older versions of the Dermum E Smart Lock do not support fobs. The Dermum E Smart Locks that can support fobs have the Dermum Logo in the center of the lock


How to program the fob

To add a fob or card to your lock, go to the lock page and tap on "Cards". Then tap on "add card". Select between Permanent, Timed, or Recurring for when the fob will be active. 

The app will now connect to the lock.  

For Dermum E Smart Lock, place the fob against the Dermum logo on the center of the lock.

dermum e smart lock

Best Practices

Swipe the fob against the "Dermum" Logo for a 1 second for it to react.