Troubling receiving verification codes


Why am I not receiving my verification code when I am registering for a new account? How to receive verification code?


If you are using a phone number to register your phone number, we recommend that you use an email to try to register for an account. 

If you are registering with an email address, check your spam folder. If you are still not receiving the verification, use an email account ending with or 

If the below steps are not working, we recommend:

  • Deleting and re-instaling the Sifely app. 


Alternative Steps to receive a verification code

If you are registering with or used a phone number to register, you can have our system call your number to give you the verification code. 

Below are the steps on how to do this: 

1. Wait until 60s expired and the option "Don't receive code?" will appear. Tap on it. 

2. Tap on "Ok" from the menu to receive an automated call with the verification code.