Purchasing Credits


What are credits used for? Do I have to pay to share codes or ekeys? How do I recharge my balance?


Within the app, there is a service that will send a recipients text (SMS) message or an email with more information regarding their passcode or e-key. This allows the recipients to receive this information from a random number or email address instead of your own email address or phone number. 


Tap here to find more information on how to send it for free. 


Purchasing More Credits

To purchase more credits, go to app settings and tap on "Services" to purchase more SMS or Email credits. 

1. Log into webportal- How to log into the Sifely Webportal

2. Tap on Services.

tap on services

3. Tap "Buy" under SMS. You will see a menu to purchase more through paypal. 

tap buy


Sending messages locally

To send message locally (using your own phone number or email address), tap on "Share". Then tap on "Local Message". 

generate passcodelocal message