Permission Levels


What are the permission levels? What is an Admin?



Super Admin/ Owner

The super admin is the account that first paired the lock to their app. There can only be 1 super admin per product.


The Super Admin has complete control over all the settings for the lock.

Here is a picture of the lock page of a super admin looks like. 

sifely super admin


Additional information about Super Admin/Owner

  • Only Super Admins can set up Sifely Gateways to work with their locks.
  • Only Super Admins can receive unlock notifications. 

Authorized Admin

An Authorized Admin can do the following. Authorized Admins can be created by the Super Admin. 

  • Unlock/ lock via the app.
  • Generate, Edit, Delete passcodes, IC cards, & fingerprints depending on the lock model.
  • Adjust settings like passage mode, auto-lock timer, & turn on/off the lock sound. 
  • If a gateway is set up near the lock, the admin can also remotely unlock/lock if the "allow remote unlock" is turned on.

Here is a link to an article on how to create an Authorized Admin. How to share admin access of my lock?

Below is a picture of the Authorized Admin's lock page. 

sifely authorized admin

Additional information about Authorized Admin

  • Authorized Admins can create and edit all access methods (passcodes, fingerprints, ekeys, etc.).

  • Authorized Admins cannot edit or view the passcodes that the super admin creates.

  • Authorized Admins cannot set up a gateway to work with the lock. 
  • Authorized Admins cannot receive unlock notifications. 

Basic Ekey

A basic Ekey user can only lock/unlock the lock. 

Here is a link to an article on how to create an Ekey. How to share app access of a lock?
Below is a picture of the Basic eKey user's lock page. 

sifely latch lock