My passcode is not working


My passcode is not working. Why is my passcode not working? My passcode worked before and does not work any more? 


General information: Passcodes can be programmed to unlock a lock when entered. The passcodes will only work when they are "Valid" and when they are entered correctly. 


Common issues: 

  • With the Dermum S, Dermum X, and Dermum Gun Safe, the code needs to be entered followed by # on the keypad. 
  • With the Dermum E, the code needs to be entered followed by the lock icon on the keypad. 

  • Default Codes such as 1234 and 123456 will not work after the lock has been paired/connected to the Sifely Smart Lock app. 

If the passcode is being entered correctly, please proceed to the next step.

Double check the validity. The passcode page within the app will display the current codes on the locks. As shown in this image below. Some of these codes are valid and others are invalid.

If the code is invalid, it will not work on the lock. 

According to this passcode page, the passcodes "testing", "mm", "g" would not work on the lock. 


If the code is valid and is not working, here is some more information on what could be causing this. 

Passcodes need to be valid in order to work on the lock. There are 6 different types of codes with different validity periods. 

If you take a look passcode "Pete" (a Timed passcode), it will work between the Start Time (2pm April 27, 2022) to End Time (2 pm December 28, 2022)



If you are generating codes remotely, pay attention to the gray text in the red square. When the passcode is generated, there are some conditions. Except for the Custom Code. 


For passcode "Pete", the passcode has to be used on the lock within 24 hours of the Start Time to work. 

If passcode "Pete" was used at least once before 2pm April 28th 2022 (24 hours after the Start Time), it will work until the End Time (2 pm December 28, 2022). If passcode "Pete" was not used within 24 hours of the Start Time, it will not work in the future. 


If a passcode is not appearing, there may be a display error. 

Please follow the instructions in the below article on how to fix this error. 

Upload Data Function