Locking and Unlocking issues


Why does the lock always stay "locked" even if it is unlocked? Or why does the lock always
stay "unlocked" even if it is locked?


Lock says "locked" and does not stay lock. Lock says "unlocked" and does not unlock. 



Please follow the steps below re-installing the lock to solve the issue.

Step 1. Take the front panel, and ensure the "lock shaft tightener" is vertically aligned with ground,
not to the left, not to the right.
installation of the latch assembly


Step 2: Ensure the “Shaft Hole” on the latch is squarely straight to the ground, not at 45 degrees.

wrong hole setup
right hole setup

Step 3: Insert lock shaft into the shaft hole and re-install lock. During installation, please ensure that all screws are tightened appropriately. 



If these steps do not resolve this issue, please reach out to us at cs@dermumstore.com for further action.