Issues with pairing lock with app


My lock is not connecting to my app when pairing. Why can't I pair my phone to the app? The app says that the lock is not in setting mode. 


Helpful tip: Make the lock keypad is lit up while you are trying to pair. You can tap on the keypad to light up the keypad. 

If it is new lock, perform the following steps to help pair the lock. 

  • Restart your smart phone. 
  • Take out the batteries from the lock and place them back in again after a minute. 
  • When pairing ensure that the lock keypad is lit up. 

After performing these steps, try to pair the lock again. Pairing your lock


If this does not work, please enter the default code 123456+#. 

After this, please perform the physical portion of the reset procedure for this lock and try pairing again.