How to use the physical keys for the Dermum S Smart Lock?


How to use the keys on for the Dermum S Smart Lock? How to access the keyhole? How do you use manual/mechanical key?


In order to access the keyhole, the keyhole cover must be removed first.

The keyhole is under the front panel handle as shown in the picture below.
dermum s smart lock
Important: If you have not removed the keyhole cover before, we recommend that you follow these instructions first. If these instructions are not followed, it may be difficult to access the keyhole.
Allen wrench tool

Use the provided Allen wrench tool to unscrew and remove the outside handle.

Allen wrench tool use
Use the Allen wrench to "pop" out the keyhole cover from the inside. Doing this will break the glue seal. Once this is done, reinstall the handle on the lock and place the keyhole cover back using the small magnets in the handle.