How to unlock/lock remotely with Dermum Gateway?

Once your gateway has been set up and added like in this video, you will be able to remote unlock and lock your lock. We recommend that the gateway is within 10 feet of locks for a strong and reliable connection. 

How to activate the ability to remotely unlock. 

Step 1: Exactly follow each step in the manual in order to add gateway to your smart phone app.

Step 2: Go to lock settings -> Unlock Remotely, and turn it on.

sifely setting
unlock remotely on

Step 3: After turning it on, you should be able to see "Unlock Remotely" icon on the lock main page in the app.
show lock picture
Step 4: Tap "Unlock Remotely", then you should be able to unlock remotely. If you press and hold the normal lock button, you will be able to remotely lock your lock. To lock remotely, you can press and hold.