How to share app access of a lock?

As a security feature, one account cannot be logged into separate devices or smartphones. Using an eKey allows you to share a digital key with someone else's Sifely Smart Lock app.

It is strongly recommended that the recipient register for an account on the Sifely Smart Lock app first with either their phone number or email address. If you would like to share admin access, visit this article Admin Access


Super Admin's Steps to Send an eKey.

1. Tap on "Send eKey".
Sifely smart lock app send ekey


2. Select which type of eKey you want to share. 

send ekey type

3. Enter the recipient's account username. This will be the email address or the phone number that they used to registered for an account. If they used a phone number, insert a + and 1 in front of it i.e. +15555555555.

recipient account usename

4. Turning on the "Allow Remote Unlocking" will allow the recipient to use a Sifely Gateway (if connected to the lock) to remotely unlock or lock. 

sifely lock

5. Tap on "Send". If you see the pop up, "Sent Successfully", then the eKey has been received by the recipient's account. 


What to know about eKeys:

  • Here is what an eKey recipient will see. They will be able to lock and unlock using the Sifely Smart Lock app on their smart phone.