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How to share admin access of my lock?


How do I share admin access with someone?

How do I create new admins?

How to connect two cell phones to the lock?



As a security feature, one account cannot be logged into separate devices or smartphones. Creating "Authorized Admins" allows you to share admin access with someone else's Sifely Smart Lock app.

With admin access, the recipient will be able to do the following:

  • Unlock/ lock via the app.
  • Generate, Edit, Delete passcodes, IC cards, & fingerprints depending on the lock model.
  • Adjust settings like passage mode, auto-lock timer, & turn on/off the lock sound
  • If a gateway is set up near the lock, the admin can also remotely unlock/lock if the "allow remote unlock" is turned on.

Here is how you can create an "Authorized Admin".

It is strongly recommended that the recipient register for an account on the Sifely Smart Lock app first with either their phone number or email address.