How to reset my Dermum E Smart Lock (Dermum Deadbolt)?

Note: If you have already paired your lock with your Sifely Smart Lock app, please follow these steps first. 


1.Go to the lock page in the app. Be near the lock

2. Tap on Settings.

sifely app setting

3. Tap on Delete. It will be in red.

4. Enter your Sifely Smart app account password.

5. The lock will do a long beep when deleting the lock is successful.


How to perform a factory reset:

  • Open Battery Box and Remove 4 AA Batteries.
remove 4AA batteries
  • Locate 3 screws and remove using a Phillips head screwdriver.
remove 3 screws
  • Put 4 AA Batteries Back into Battery Box.
put 4AA batteries back into battery box
  • Open back panel to locate the reset button. Keep all connectors and plugs attached. Press the reset button for 10 seconds until you hear two short beeps. Note: Please put all connectors attached with batteries on during reset process.
reset botton
  • Reset Done. You can now pair your lock to your app again. 


To confirm that the lock has been successfully reset, enter the code 1234+(Lock symbol). This code will work while the lock is not paired.