How to remove an inaccessible lock?


How do I delete a lock from my profile that I no longer have? If you do not have access to a lock anymore and would like to remove it from your app, you can use these steps to do so. 



Follow these steps on how to delete a lock from your account.

1. On the app, go to account settings

2. Tap on "transfer lock(s).

3. Select which lock(s) to transfer in the menu and tap on next.

4. At the bottom right of the next page, tap on "Move Faulty/ Damaged Locks to Trash".

5.Depending on which phone model you have, you may receive a verification code that will either go to your email or number. The alternative is that your fingerprint, passcode, or Face ID for your phone will be used to approve the transfer.

6. Enter the verification code into the page that asks for it.