How to add an admin (webportal)


How to assign multiple locks to an admin at once?



It is strongly recommended that the recipient already have an account with Sifely registered first. 

Follow these steps to add another user (admin):


1. Select a lock from your account in the webportal.

select a lock from your account


2. Click on "Send eKey". 

Click on Send eKey

3. Fill out the information for this. 

Recipient Account: The username (email address or phone number) of the recipient account. If it is a phone number, it will need to be entered with a plus sign + and 1 such as +1555555555555

Name: Name within the app and webportal

Type: How long will this eKey be active for?

Authorized Admin: Turn on to allow the recipient to be an admin. 

Remote Unlock: If a Dermum Gateway is connected, you can allow the admin to also control the lock remotely. 

send ekey