Dermum Locks and Time Zones


If the lock is in a different time zone, and I want to generate a code, how does it work?


The lock has its own local time and the app uses your smartphones time to generate codes. Here is an example scenario. 

  • You are in California in the PST Time Zone (GMT -08:00)
  • Your lock is in New York in the EST Time Zone (GMT -05:00)
  • You need to remotely generate a code for a guest.

If you are using a timed passcode, you can set the Start Time the check in time adjusted for the time difference.

  • Check in time for the guest is at 10:00 am in New York. 
  • You generate a Timed code for 07:00 am. This is to adjust for the 3 hour time difference between California and New York. 
  • This generated code will be available at 10:00 am in New York for use.