Dermum Gateway to Dermum Lock Checklist


I am not sure if my Dermum Gateway is connected to my Dermum Lock. I am having Dermum Gateway connection issues. How do I check if my Dermum Gateway and Dermum Lock are connected? 



Please ensure the following:

  • Light on Dermum Gateway is flashing blue.
    • If the gateway is blinking red, it means that it is not connected to local wifi. 
    • If the gateway is flashing red/blue, it means that the gateway is ready for pairing and set up with your phone.
  • Ensure that Gateway is placed near the lock. We recommend about 10 feet. 
    • This affects the signal strength and reliability of the remote connection.
  • You are the person who originally paired to the lock your app/account. 

Please check the following within the app. 

  • Check remote unlock/lock status button. This button will only appear if a Dermum Gateway is the connected to the lock. 
    • If this icon does not appear, ensure the following:
      • The Dermum Lock and Dermum Gateway are about 10 feet apart.
      • Unplug the Dermum Gateway and plug it back in again. 
      • Take out the batteries from the lock and place them back in again. Wait 5 minutes to see this icon reappears. 

sifely app

  • Check Gateway status on app. See how to check below.

sifely menugatewaysifely gateway

  • Check the signal strength within the app. See how below. Medium or Strong strength is desirable.

settingsclick gatewaylock on stand

  • Check if remote unlock is turned on.

settingremote unlock