All you need to know about passcodes

Most codes can be generated remotely. This means that you can just use your app and the code will be available for use. Codes will need to be entered first and then followed by # on the keypad or the lock symbol depending on which model you have. 


Our locks can store up to 200 different codes. 

Note: Custom codes cannot be generated remotely unless there is a Sifely Gateway set up near the lock. 


Types of codes:

  • Permanent
    • These codes will be valid permanently unless deleted.
  • Timed
    • These codes will be valid from a selected Start Time to a selected End Time. 
  • One Time
    • These codes will be valid only for one use. 
  • Recurring
    • These codes will be valid only during a weekly schedule. 
  • Custom
    • These codes can either be permanent or timed. 
  • Erase
    • These codes are valid for the 24 hours after it has been generated. This code will delete all codes on a lock when used.

The main difference between these codes is when they are valid. Most codes will generate a random eight digit code. If you want to generate a shorter code such as 4321, read this article Custom Code.


Here are some important limitations for codes: 

  • Recurring codes. Only one recurring code can be set during a time slot.
    • For example, if a code is set from Monday-Friday 8am to 3 pm. There is only one recurring code that can be active during that time slot. 

How to generate a code:

  1. Select “Generate passcode.”
  2. Choose the type of code.
  3. Enter a name for the code. This name will appear in the lock records when used. 
  4. Tap on Generate or Set Code.

Note: Pay careful attention to this grey text about the details of the code. 

generate passcode

Viewing/ Editing/Deleting passcodes:


From the lock page, tap on “Passcodes” to view all passcodes on the lock. The names of the passcodes will be the same as when you generated them. On this page you can:

  • You can swipe a passcode to the right to have the option to delete it. 
  • You can modify the code. 
  • Check records for individual codes. 
  • Note: The actions can only be done within bluetooth range of the lock unless a Sifely Gateway is set up nearby.