Dermum Smart lock tips——These tips can fix 99% of your lock problem

All year long, we heard from you about smart locks.  And we realize that most of the problem are caused by installation, and other than the installation, it seldom has serious issuse. so here are some tips that could help solve 99% of your lock problem. 

dermum smart lock
1. keep the door open or take the back-up keys with you. 
this seems not a big deal, but it helps a lot. Many people locked himself out after the installation. As they forget the default passcode or forget the phone. So a back-up key always works. 
(Default passcode for every lock is 123456#. )
dermum smart lock inside
2. Close is open, open is closed, motor turns wrong direction 
It happens in our smart lock E, after the insallation, you'll use the app to unlock, but realize the unlock is lock, and the lock is unlock. so it means the motor turns wrong direction. Don't worry, we have solution. Turn the toggle in "L" or "R" direction. and re-install again. (see above position)
dermum e smart lock
3. It says locked, but in reality, you could still unlock it in outside. (Sifely S/X)
Yes, when you finished the lock installation, and test it by lock/unlock, it works fine. but when you close the door, it says locked, but you could still unlock it by simply pulling on the handle.  it means the clutch was not moved away. what you need do it to re-install the lock again. or Just power it off and then re-power on, it will work. 
At last, 
we want to say you could reply on Dermum's service and product, we've already serviced 150K+ American households. so please have us a call if you still have a problem, tel: 805 519 8895.  
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